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Kevin Becker

Kevin Becker, Glass Pumpkin

I have worked for over 20 years as a psychologist specializing in trauma and disaster. My work has taken me around the world to support victims and survivors of some of history’s worst tragedies and I have worked with countless individuals whose tragedies were personal and private in nature but no less traumatic. Until I took a weekend glassblowing class, simply out of curiosity, I never considered myself at all creative or artistic. But I was immediately hooked! And now several years later, glassblowing still serves as a therapeutic respite from the suffering I see on a regular basis. The focus needed to create objects from molten glass in the heat of the hot shop takes me completely out of myself. When a useful or attractive object results, it’s even more exciting and rewarding.

My work is frequently focused on exploring the behavior of colors as they interact to create images in the heat of the 2200 degree furnace. Shaping and creating either familiar or abstract images with molten, moving glass, the consistency of honey, is a challenge I find extremely rewarding with endless possibilities. The glass often seems to have a mind of its own, and reaching an acceptable compromise is the glassblowers’ cherished duty.