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Kerry hawkins, Kerry hawkins
by Dennis stein, By Dennis Stein, By Dennis Stein, By Dennis Stein
Gary Koeppel; White Tower, Gary Koeppel
Boats, water, painting, coast, ocean, Cindy Mootz, Monotype, art, local, Cindy Mootz, brown, Nepali Girls, portrait, Forest, painting, Cindy Mootz, Fall, Nature
Lisa Walker, Vase, Ceramic, local, Lisa Walker, Dedham Guild
Barbara Trainer, Barbara Trainer
Sue Hoy, Sue Hoy


Welcome to the Dedham Square Artist Guild, Dedham's first artist cooperative

Founded in October 2011, we are Dedham's first artist cooperative, owned and operated by its members. We provide members of the cooperative a home for their work and opportunity to connect with the community, while striving to enrich the cultural life of all residents, through classes, workshops, art openings and more. The collection of work at the Guild encompasses a diverse style of art, including painting, photography, pottery, jewelry, monotype, wood, glass, textile and much more.

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Wednesday to Saturday 12-6, Sunday 11-2

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4 Jan. 2017 Posted by staff


A special exhibition hosted at the Dedham Community Theatre


A PLAY is theatre and drama. Children at PLAY when they pretend. We all cheer for those who PLAY sports. Artists PLAY with color and line to create compositions that PLAY with your eye. Come PLAY with us as we celebrate the Parish Players upcoming production of "Once Upon a Mattress".

25 Apr. 2017 Posted by staff

Water: Opening Reception

A special exhibition hosted at the Dedham Community Theatre

SHOW DATES: May 4 to June 30

Opening Reception: Thursday May 4th, from 6-7:30PM at the Dedham Community Theatre

Theme: Water is transparent and therefore takes on the colors around it: the blue of the sky, a reflection of a mountain, or the darkness of an approaching storm. We swim in the water or gaze at it from a sandy beach. There is an underwater world and a vastness that comes from sailing on it. What does Water mean to you?

25 Apr. 2017 Posted by staff
10 Apr. 2017 Posted by staff

Member's Choice Show

Members Choice Show at the Dedham Square Artist Guild

Join us at the Dedham Square Artist Guild Opening reception, April 13th 6-8pm

April Artists-of-the-month show is a Member’s Choice event. Each of our members have picked one of their favorite pieces in the Dedham Guild, and describe why they like it.